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UK Government avoiding scrutiny on Brexit Bill

Glenrothes and Central Fife MP Peter Grant, recently appointed SNP spokesperson for Europe, has criticised the UK Government’s “disgraceful” decision to bring forward their Brexit Bill without any debate.

Peter has highlighted that the UK Government is yet again “in hiding at the first sign of parliamentary scrutiny” and said that the SNP will not accept legislation which undermines the competencies of the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Fife MP added that the UK Government’s Brexit Bill amounts to “nothing short of a power grab” following Theresa May’s repeated refusal to engage on key issues of powers with the Scottish Government, and her repeated failures for a cast-iron guarantee that powers returning from Brussels will come to Holyrood and not stop at the doors of Westminster. Peter Grant MP, the SNP's Europe spokesperson, commented: “Since the EU referendum over a year ago and the recent general election it has become clear that this a Tory Government that operates on glib and grubby deals. This Bill has the potential to be the most damaging and divisive piece of legislation imposed on Scotland since the Act of Union itself. We face the threat of being torn out of the Single Market with no idea what will replace it, just to satisfy the Prime Minister’s obsessive attachment to an anti-immigration policy that is as economically and socially incompetent as it is morally indefensible.” Peter continued: "When Theresa May talks about compromise what she really means is everyone else has to compromise the interests of our constituents and march along to the beat of her drum. ‘Taking back control’ means that instead of decisions being taken in a way that allows our elected MEPs and our elected MPs to have a say, they will now be taken in secret by Tory ministers with little or no opportunity for public scrutiny. The UK Government’s refusal for a statement or debate on the Bill yet again shows a Tory Government in hiding at the first sign of parliamentary scrutiny."

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