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Challenging Tories on in-work poverty

Local MP Peter Grant has raised the issue of in-work poverty in the House of Commons, following the publication of the UK Government’s ‘Taylor Review’ of employment practices. The SNP has said that a the review “falls shamefully short” in tackling the real issues facing workers in insecure employment.

Peter, who represents Glenrothes and Central Fife at Westminster, raised his concerns in a parliamentary debate on the review last week. Speaking after the debate, Peter commented: “The Tories’ response to the Taylor review tells us everything we need to know about their approach to workers’ rights—a weak set of proposals and a set of talking points that leaves the balance of power with employers and big business. This government continues to ignore the fact that exploitative zero hours contracts are leaving workers struggling to make ends meet, and this report falls shamefully short in tackling and addressing the real issues facing those in insecure employment.”

Peter continued: “I often hear from constituents who don’t have job security, and this can cause a whole range of issue from struggling to maintain their home, pay regular bills or enter into child maintenance arrangements. Flexible working has its place but should not be used to create vulnerability or exploitation - it must work in the interests of employees. The SNP is committed to a ban on exploitative zero hours contracts.”

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