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Praising people of Glenrothes at Westminster

Local MP Peter Grant spoke about Glenrothes in a Westminster Hall debate on New Towns this week.

Peter, who made his home in the town over 30 years ago and represented several areas as a local councillor before being elected to Westminster, spoke about the people of Glenrothes, its challenges, some of the legacy issues that the town is having to deal with and the success that the people of Glenrothes have made.

Speaking in the debate, Peter said: “There have been several successes in the town, a lot of which are down to the people. During my time as a councillor, we saw a new dental centre and a new health centre built at Glenwood in west Glenrothes, a new secondary school built to replace the former Auchmuty High School, the new Michael Woods sports and leisure centre built to replace the aging and almost literally collapsing 1970s sport centre. We have also seen a lot of investment in a sports hub for the community at Gilvenbank in the north of the town, and there has been an excellent community initiative at Over Stenton playing fields in the south of the town to provide a home for the Glenrothes Strollers, who have previously been awarded community club of the year by the Scottish Football Association.”

Peter told the Gazette: “It was a real pleasure to talk about Glenrothes: its people, its past, its present and its future in Westminster this week. We know that Glenrothes has some serious legacy issues to deal with because of mistakes that were made in the past. I am confident that the new leadership at Fife Council will be working to address some of these issues and bring forward solutions that work for our communities.”

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