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As we approach the 50th anniversary of the Michael Colliery disaster, local MP Peter Grant is seeking to mark the occasion in the UK Parliament with a Member’s debate.

The accident saw the loss of nine miners’ lives when a seam of coal ignited on 9 September 1967. A 36-hour rescue mission ensued during which remarkable acts of bravery were undertaken by some of the workers and rescue team, but three of the victims’ bodies were never recovered.

Commenting, Peter said:

“The Michael Colliery disaster is still vividly remembered by everyone who was involved or who lived near the pit. It is important that we continue to commemorate those who lost their lives and to recognise the bravery of those who risked their own lives to save others.

“That is why I have applied for a brief debate in Parliament to mark the 50th anniversary of the tragedy. I have also lodged an Early Day Motion in Parliament to raise awareness of the disaster and pay tribute to those nine men who didn’t survive. If I’m successful in securing a debate I want to use the opportunity to remember that the coal that was so essential to Britain’s economic and military power was won at a terrible price paid by miners and their families in mining communities everywhere.

“I will also be attending the commemoration event in East Wemyss on Saturday to join others in paying my respects.”

“We must never forget the heavy price paid by those nine men at the Michael Colliery 50 years ago, and the lasting impact their loss has had on their families, friends and the local community ever since.”

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