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MP for Glenrothes and Central Fife, Peter Grant, has congratulated one of his Glenrothes constituents, Kirsty Jarvis, on being appointed a Diabetes Scottish Young Leader.

Kirsty is a Type 1 Diabetic and has championed improvements to services for sufferers for some time. Earlier this year, Diabetes Scotland launched its Young Leaders project designed to empower young people aged 16-25 with the condition to take an active role in finding solutions to the issues that affect young diabetics across Scotland. Kirsty was more than happy to sign up for the challenge, and after successfully completing the extensive application process, was duly selected.

Commenting, Peter Grant said:

“I am delighted that Kirsty has taken on the role of a Diabetes Young Leader and I know that she will do a great job of raising awareness of the condition and supporting other young people affected.

“Those who suffer from Type 1 Diabetes are the best placed people to help share knowledge of existing sources of support and services, as well as working towards developing new ones. Kirsty should be proud of the work she has done already to champion this cause and I wish her all the best going forward.”

Kirsty said:

“As a sufferer myself, I really wanted to be play a part in improving education surrounding Type 1 Diabetes and increasing the level of care available. As part of my campaign, I am hoping to speak on the issue at an upcoming conference and will be attending events across the country along with other Diabetes Young Leaders to help raise awareness.

“I am pleased that my local MP, Peter Grant, is supportive and I am grateful for his help in raising the profile of this important issue.”

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