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Peter Grant MP for Glenrothes and Central Fife was disheartened to hear of the number of EU nationals planning to leave the UK during a visit to Fife Migrants Forum last week.

Meeting with the Fife Migrants Forum management team and some of their staff and volunteers, Peter heard how, over the past six months, many of the EU migrants who come through the Forum have decided to return to their country of origin because of Brexit.

Commenting, Peter said:

“I was heartbroken to hear so many stories from highly talented people, some of whom have lived in Scotland for most of their lives, and are now seriously thinking of leaving because of uncertainty over their future. These are people who have chosen to make Scotland their home, in some cases they already have children attending school for example, and Brexit is making them wonder whether this is a country they want to be part of.

“I can’t stress enough that whatever they might read in the right wing press or hear from right wing politicians, Scotland values them and wants them to stay. Nicola Sturgeon has repeatedly said that if this was a matter for the Scottish Government every EU citizen living here would already have been given an absolute guarantee that their rights would be respected in full after Brexit. There’s no excuse for the UK government’s failure to give this guarantee.

“EU nationals make a vital contribution to Scotland’s economy but this is much more than just a question of economics. It raises fundamental questions about the kind of Scotland we want to live in. I want to see a Scotland that is outward looking, that continues our centuries old tradition of being one of the most welcoming countries in the world. We should celebrate the fact that so many people from other countries want to be part of our future. That’s why my message to EU nationals is - this is your home, please stay”.

Maciej Dokurno, Chairperson of Fife Migrants Forum said:

“We were delighted to receive a visit from Peter Grant MP on Friday and are encouraged by the clear and unequivocal message that migrants have always been, and will continue to be, welcome in Fife and Scotland regardless of Brexit. Peter reiterated the contributions migrants have made and the ongoing economic and social benefits for Fife. He stated that he and the Scottish Government will ensure that migrants will continue to enjoy all rights and benefits cherished by all citizens of Scotland.”

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