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Peter Grant, MP for Glenrothes and Central Fife and the SNP’s Europe spokesperson, has said that the UK government’s attempt to “duck, dive and dictate” over the full publication of the Brexit impact assessment papers to parliament risks undermining the sovereignty the Brexit Secretary campaigned for during the EU referendum. In response to an Urgent Question in Westminster, Peter Grant MP added that the release of the sectorial Brexit papers was a matter for the select committee to decide - not the UK government. Peter’s colleague and the SNP’s Shadow Leader of the House, Pete Wishart MP, has also written again to the Speaker, seeking to raise a 'privilege complaint' that the UK government has held the House in contempt for refusing to comply with a binding vote of the House earlier this month. Peter Grant MP commented: “The full publication of the sectorial Brexit papers is not a matter for the UK government to duck, dive and dictate over – it is a decision for this parliament, and this parliament voted for its full publication. “Over the last few months we have witnessed this government first confirming that the Brexit papers exist, to then denying they exist, before spending the entirety of a debate on the issue arguing on how best to hide the papers from scrutiny – and now they are at very real risk of holding this parliament in contempt over their refusal to abide by the motion that it passed. “They must publish in full the Brexit papers, and it will then be a matter for the Brexit Select Committee to come to a decision over their release.”

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