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Fife SNP MP Peter Grant has secured a critical amendment to a new report published by the Brexit Select Committee, which states that - “It is difficult to imagine any possible deal, consistent with WTO and other international treaties, that would be more damaging to the UK’s interests than leaving the EU with no deal whatsoever in place.” Local MP Peter Grant – who is the SNP’s Europe spokesperson and a member of the Brexit Committee – also welcomed the report’s recommendations for clarity on key issues such as the handing over in full of the UK government’s Brexit impact papers, movement on the Irish border dispute and a unilateral guarantee on the rights of EU nationals. Peter Grant MP said:

“I welcome the Committee’s decision to support the SNP position that no deal is not, in fact, better than a bad deal. It is difficult to foresee any deal that would be worse than leaving the EU with no mutually agreed arrangements in place – this would frankly be disastrous.

“I am also pleased that the Committee has renewed its call for the UK government to unilaterally guarantee EU citizens’ rights in the UK, and pointed out the inconceivability of no border between Northern Ireland and the Republic should the UK forge ahead with its plan to leave the Single Market and Customs Union.

“The findings in the Brexit Committee’s report must now be heard and acted upon by this UK government - which has, for more than 500 days, offered nothing more than soundbites and rhetoric.”

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