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Davie Nelson tribute from Peter Grant MP

Following the sad news of the passing of Davie Nelson, below is a tribute to Davie from Peter Grant MP:

“It was a great shock to hear of the sudden death of Davie Nelson.

When I first moved to Glenrothes 35 years ago Davie was already well known in the town for his work with community organisations. He’s been a tireless champion for the community ever since. From helping to set up some of the first Tenants’ Associations to his huge contribution to the CISWO, he gave his time tirelessly and selflessly to serve others.

Davie was a passionate and courageous campaigner against social injustice, from the Poll Tax in the 1980s to the Bedroom Tax more recently.

Davie was Auchmuty through and through and had recently been the driving force behind a range of initiatives that had helped local residents feel a real sense of pride in their precinct.

He can truly be said to have shaped the future of Glenrothes. The town is much the poorer for his passing.”

Photo from FifeToday.

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