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Peter Grant labels UK Government's continued benefit freeze a "disgrace"

Peter Grant MP has called the UK Government’s continued freeze on benefits - particularly child benefit - a "disgrace", as new data published last week revealed that 30% of children in the Glenrothes and Central Fife constituency are living in poverty.

The new figures, revealed by End Child Poverty, also show that there are constituencies within the UK where more than half of children are growing up in poverty.

In a separate study, published last year, The Resolution Foundation calculated that working families with two children lose £315 a year as a result of the freeze.

Kerrie, a lone parent from Glenrothes, said: “I am a lone parent to 4 children, 3 daughters and one son, and my son is on the autistic spectrum. Before we knew he had this condition, and the impact it would have on all our lives, I had worked for over twenty years, but soon found that working and raising 4 children alone - including one with additional needs - was extremely difficult. There are times when I genuinely feel trapped. All lone parents and all carers face extra stress and at times it can be overwhelming.

"There are times I’ve really struggled to pay my mortgage, and I worry I might lose my house. No one wants to live in poverty. One day you can be in a situation where everything is ok and then due to a number of different circumstances it could all change. You just never know when it could happen to you.”

Peter Grant MP commented: “With the cost of living soaring even further in the wake of Brexit, the freeze on benefits - including child benefit - is pushing families into a desperate crisis. The benefit freeze must be lifted urgently to stop families from being pushed into long-term destitution.

“It’s a disgrace that so many children living on this island are growing up in poverty. When children are in poverty they are more likely to be absent from school due to illness, to have a long standing illness, and are nearly three times more likely to suffer mental health problems.

“If someone in my constituency believes they are at crisis point then I would encourage them to get in touch with my office for help. I would also recommend they speak to Fife Gingerbread, an outstanding charity dedicated to supporting lone parent, vulnerable and disadvantaged families.”

To contact Peter's office please email or phone 01592 759335. Fife Gingerbread's website can be found at

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