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Peter Grant MP has blasted the UK Government for trying to “defend the indefensible” by not condemning the Israel Government for the deaths of a reported 60 Palestinians at the hands of Israeli soldiers in Gaza last Monday. Eight children were counted among the 60 killed, while a further 2,700 Palestinians reportedly suffered injuries.

Israeli forces fired live rounds and used tear gas against crowds at the border protesting against the controversial opening of the American embassy in Jerusalem. The United Nations voted against the moving of the US embassy from Tel Aviv by 128-9 when it was announced last December, with countries stating it was a violation of international law and would be destabilising to the region.

Alistair Burt, the UK Government Minister for the Middle East, has called for an independent inquiry into the incident, saying, “The United Kingdom has been clear in calling for, urgently, a need to establish the facts of what happened, including why such a volume of live fire was used. We are supportive of an independent, transparent investigation.”

However, Peter Grant believes the failure of British officials to condemn Israel for the massacre is damaging to the UK's international reputation. Speaking in the House of Commons on Monday afternoon, the MP for Glenrothes and Central Fife, said:

“The UK Government is trying to defend the indefensible by not condemning the slaughter of 60 Palestinians, including 8 children.

"How does it help the cause of moderate voices in Gaza and elsewhere in Palestine, when they look to one of the supposedly great diplomatic powers on Earth, the United Kingdom, and see a complete refusal to recognise the evil that was done to the people yesterday?

"How does that help them to persuade the Palestinian people that one day they'll be able to trust the United Kingdom as an impartial ally to build a peace process?"



Israel defends Gaza crackdown:

Peter Grant MP questions Alistair Burt on Gaza position:

The United Nations votes against USA plan to relocate their US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem:

The SNP has long supported a two state solution for Israel and Palestine as ultimately the only way to find lasting peace and reconciliation in the region. The SNP seeks stronger diplomatic action to ensure international law applies to all and we don’t turn our back on the plight of the people of Palestine. Scottish Ministers and SNP MPs have pressed the UK Government to use its influence to promote self-determination for Palestine and help relieve suffering in the occupied territories.

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