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A huge well done to my constituency team who have raised over half a million pounds for local residents in the last five years.

I started keeping track of money recovered for constituents in 2016, exactly a year after being elected, when I realised that my involvement was getting good results for people owed money from UK-wide companies and government agencies such as the DWP and HMRC. We have now brought in £508,307 and counting.

As an MP I have always prioritised local people above all else, and I have employed a strong team of caseworkers to help constituents with any problems they are facing. People come to me with all sorts of issues, and sometimes this results in a pay-out such as backdated welfare benefits or compensation payments. The amount we've recorded is probably an understatement because some of the additional income we've delivered will continue for many years but it's still been a massive boost for the team to break through the half million pound mark.

Last month I heard from a local man whose Personal Independence Payment had been stopped in December. I helped him to challenge the DWP’s decision and he has now had his payments restarted, amounting to more than £6300 over the next 12 months as well as a lump sum of £993 to make up for the payments he had lost. He was really struggling for money over Christmas so this has made a huge difference to him.

Other recent examples of money I have helped recover for constituents include compensation payments from the Child Maintenance Service for mistakes they have made in handling cases, refunds for holidays cancelled due to Covid, and tax credit debts written off as a result of HMRC errors.

Glenrothes couple George and Iris have had problems with their £200 Winter Fuel Payment for years, as the DWP keep getting Iris confused with her mother, who is also called Iris. This year the couple contacted me and my team got in touch with DWP on their behalf and managed to solve the problem.

George said: “I saw in the Glenrothes Gazette that my MP was able to help people who had been underpaid, so I wondered if he could help me with my problem getting the Winter Fuel Payment. I couldn’t get even through to DWP on the phone but less than two weeks after contacting Peter I had a letter from them saying I would get the money I was owed.”

I'm delighted to have been able to help George and Iris, and am always here to help constituents despite my Glenrothes office currently being closed to the public because of the pandemic. If you think I can help please contact me.

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