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Since the partial resumption of parliament on Monday 1 June, a number of constituents have contacted me to ask whether I would be attending business in the House of Commons chamber. I’m aware that there has also been media interest in the decisions being taken by SNP MPs in particular.

I will continue to review my position according to the most recent public health advice in both Scotland and England. At all times I will seek to represent my constituents and carry out my responsibilities as an SNP Member of Parliament in a way that does not lead to an increased risk of my first catching and then spreading a potentially fatal illness.

I am taking into account the potential risks involved in travelling to London and within London, as well as the difficulties in maintaining a safe working environment within parliament, not only for MPs, but for the 2,000 or so staff who will be required to work in parliament if all MPs return to Westminster.

I am also looking back over the last 10 weeks or so of lockdown, the impact this has had on every part of my job as an MP, and whether this impact would be any less if I travelled to London.

After taking all of this into account I will be continuing to work from home and will not be travelling to Westminster in the near future. I understand and respect the fact that some of my colleagues in the SNP, especially those who have specific roles within the SNP Westminster Group, have decided that the right thing for them to do is to be physically present at Westminster.

Over the next few days I will be giving a more detailed explanation for my decision.

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