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Closure of TDK-Micronas

The closure of Glenrothes engineering firm TDK-Micronas has come as a huge blow to Glenrothes and in particular to the 83 workers and their families whose jobs are at risk.

Less than two years ago the directors of the company were predicting a bright future for the Glenrothes plant with further investment being planned and work actually being transferred here from Germany. Suddenly the workers are told exactly the opposite is happening. I have contacted the parent company in Germany to ask what has gone wrong. I hope they will give as full and open an explanation as possible to the workers who have consistently delivered healthy profits to the company's owners and who now face unemployment through no fault of their own.

I would also urge the company to engage fully with Fife Council's Economic Development service to ensure that the workforce get as much support as possible to find alternative employment although this will be extremely difficult in the current climate.

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