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Glenrothes and Central Fife MP, Peter Grant has joined other Tayside and Fife MPs in a call for more clarity from farming leaders over the implementation of social distancing measures on farms across the region.

In a joint letter to the National Farming Union, Peter Grant joined Tayside MPs Chris Law, Stewart Hosie, Dave Doogan and John Nicolson, as well as his neighbour in Fife, Neale Hanvey to welcome the announcement of thousands of seasonal jobs on farms in their region, but called for more clarity over advice provided to farms on the implementation of social distancing measures.

Key areas of concern raised in the letter include transport to and from farms, and the close proximity of workers when picking certain fruits and vegetables.

The MPs also called on the NFUS to issue a public statement on social distancing measures, to reassure workers that their health and safety will be a top priority and will not be put at risk over the coming season.

Over 3000 berry-picking jobs have been advertised in Fife and Tayside over the last month, following a massive recruitment drive by farms and the NFUS.

Mr Grant said:

“There are a number of farms in Fife which are currently advertising for new workers ahead of the coming season. This is great news for the local economy and should be welcomed, however it is vital that the health and safety of workers is the number one priority for local employers.

“It is important that MPs collaborate with organisations such as the NFUS over the coming months to reassure our constituents, many of whom may be working in new environments for the first time, that their health and safety will not be put at risk by going to work.”

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