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While the Brexit debate is dominating our TVs and news feed, millions of people in Catalonia took to the streets in peaceful protest of the Spanish state who recently jailed nine people – including politicians and civic leaders – for simply wanting to allow the people of Catalonia to determine their own future.

SNP MP Peter Grant recently led for the party in a debate and grilled the UK Foreign Office about their failure to condemn the ongoing persecution of politicians in Catalonia as well as their silence of a so-called democratic country in Western Europe using military force to crush the democratic process is something none of us can keep silent about.

Commenting after the debate, Mr Grant said:

“Millions of people took to the streets in peaceful protests – peaceful, that is, until the Spanish state police charged in with batons and rubber bullets, landing dozens of people in hospital. One man suffered a permanent brain injury after a police vehicle was deliberately driven at him.

“As a committed European and someone who fully supports our membership of the EU, the leaders of that great institution should hang their heads in shame at their failure to criticise one of their members when it acts more like a Fascist dictatorship than a modern democratic country.”

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