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Peter Grant MP has shown his support for the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting. Mr Grant met with the charity three days ahead of a UK Government consultation on trophy hunting laws ending.

The campaign believes that killing animals for pleasure is cruel, unnecessary, and has no place in a civilised society and it calls for:

1. Governments to ban trophy hunting and the import and export of hunting trophies

2. Effective enforcement of existing national and international laws against trophy hunting, with tough penalties for offenders

3. An immediate halt to the trade in trophies of vulnerable, threatened or endangered species

4. Trophy hunting exemptions to be removed from existing international conservation agreements

5. Negotiations to commence on a comprehensive global agreement banning trophy hunting

Commenting, Peter Grant said:

“I was glad to be able to show my support for the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting. Wednesday’s meeting coincided with a series of votes in the commons so I couldn’t stay very long but I was lucky enough to catch some of the remarks by world renowned wildlife photographer Ole Liodden from Norway. I was astonished to hear that polar bears can still be legally hunted for no other reason than so that a wealthy tourist can boast about having killed them. This is despite the fact that this most iconic of animals is now vulnerable to extinction because of climate change. Even worse, the killers always want to shoot the biggest healthiest bear they can find so the weaker animals, who are less able to survive food shortages for example, are the ones that are left – the very opposite of the “conservation hunting” claims often made by hunting businesses.”

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