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Local MP appointed SNP Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury

Glenrothes & Central Fife MP Peter Grant has been given the role of SNP Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury in a recent reshuffle following the SNP’s overwhelming victory in the General Election.

Mr Grant joins SNP colleagues Alison Thewliss and Stephen Flynn to form the SNP Treasury team who will be scrutinising the UK government’s taxation and public spending policies.

Mr Grant, who was previously the SNP’s Brexit spokesperson, has said that he is looking forward to this new challenge.

He said, “The last couple of years have been incredibly intense in my Brexit role and it was very encouraging during the election campaign to meet so many constituents who were keen to show their support for the SNP’s attempts to keep us in the EU. My new role will be very different but no less important inn holding the Tories to account and presenting the SNP’s vision of a better and fairer Scotland.

"We know only too well the damage that has been done by the Tories’ ideological hostility to public spending and public services. Before Parliament had even resumed after the Christmas break we saw an example of Westminster’s contempt for Scotland when the Chancellor announced yet another delay to this year’s budget. This means that Fife Council and Scotland’s other 31 elected councils will now be legally required to set their own budgets before anyone knows how much money the Scottish Government will have to support councils and other public services.”

Mr Grant said he hopes to make his first speech in his new role next week when parliament is expected to debate the Queen’s Speech.

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