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Green Hydrogen in Glenrothes

I recently visited Markinch CHP biomass plant to understand the development of opportunities between RWE and SGN, who are currently investigating the feasibility of supplying green hydrogen, produced in Markinch, to heat Scottish businesses and homes.

It was great to hear from RWE and SGN about plans to investigate how Scotland is leading the way in the development of future renewable energy sources, which presents opportunities for investment and jobs in these exciting new sectors.

The two companies recently agreed to look at how green hydrogen produced from renewable power sources can be used as a replacement for natural gas in Scotland’s gas distribution networks.

As part of the agreement, a feasibility study will be conducted over the coming months into a 100-megawatt (MW) electrolyser at RWE’s Markinch CHP biomass plant. This could produce green hydrogen from local and grid connected renewable energy, to connect into SGN’s gas network in Fife. It would build on the work SGN is already undertaking in Levenmouth on their world-first H100 Fife demonstration project, which is seeking to supply hydrogen as a zero-carbon fuel for heating and cooking to local homes through a new distribution network.

During the visit, I had the opportunity to hear more about the plans and how this could deliver low-carbon fuel for heating homes and businesses across Fife, as well as delivering new investment in local energy infrastructure.

Read more on the RWE website:

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