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Peter Grant, MP for Glenrothes and Central Fife has this week launched an appeal for constituents to get in touch if they have experience of websites, which appear to look like official sites, who charge a fee for processing applications.

The SNP MP has created a dedicated section on his website for people to contact him with details of their experience. Mr Grant explains that he intends to leave this section open until late Spring which he will then use to inform him of his next steps.

Commenting, Mr Grant said:

“There are a number of companies operating online who offer to process applications for things like TV Licences or passports but who charge a fee to do so. While there appears to be nothing illegal about what these companies are doing, I’m concerned that people might end up paying much more than they need to because they think they’re on an officially approved web site. It may even be that for some companies their entire business model relies on people mistakenly believing that their websites have some kind of official status.

“I have contacted the UK Government to raise these concerns and have asked if there are there any plans to review the current regulations around online advertising and online trading to prevent commercial sites from mimicking official government sites. I am considering applying for a debate in Parliament about this.

I would like to hear from any constituents who have had experience of these websites especially if you have been charged an additional fee or have had problems in getting the documents you had paid for. If this has happened to you, please contact me using the form on my website.”

The contact form for constituents to complete can be accessed via the MP’s website:

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