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Glenrothes and Central Fife MP, Peter Grant has welcomed the delay of the introduction of the TV Licence fee for certain over 75s. The UK Government announced that the introduction of the fee will now be delayed from 1st June to 1st August due to the outbreak COVID-19.

Commenting, Mr Grant said:

“While I welcome this delay and think that it is the right decision in the current climate, I would like to see this proposal scrapped all together and for the TV Licence to remain universally free for everyone aged over 75.

“I also believe that the free TV licence should be funded by the Government from general taxation, not by the BBC. It makes no sense to make a huge dent in the BBC's ability to make quality TV programmes by asking them to pay for what is an important contribution to the social wellbeing of our old folk.

“This is something that I and my colleagues will continue to campaign for, but in the meantime I would like to reassure everyone that this change effects that they will no longer be required to do anything until the start of August this year.”

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