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Peter Grant MP is using Purple Day – the awareness day for Epilepsy – to raise concerns about the stress and anxiety people with epilepsy are being made to endure when applying for PIP.

Epilepsy Scotland has released figures that show 53% of people with epilepsy who apply for PIP – after previously receiving DLA – are refused. However, of those who then appeal this decision, 77% were successful in getting the original decision overturned. 

The Glenrothes and Central Fife MP has been told that since the system changed from DLA to PIP, people with epilepsy have been severely disadvantaged.

Commenting, Peter Grant said:

These figures from Epilepsy Scotland are disturbing, completely unacceptable, and highlight how important it is to finally have powers over PIP and DLA transferred to the Scottish Government. 

“Epilepsy can be a debilitating condition and can strip people of their independence if their seizures appear out of nowhere. There needs to be a far better understanding of the condition, especially from people in such positions as PIP assessors. 

“Unfortunately, this is just another complaint about a system that fails to work for the people it is supposed to help. And while the UK government still has control over this benefit, they need to look into how it is failing people and sort it out immediately.”

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