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Brexit has undoubtedly dominated the news over the last few weeks, and while the Prime Minister is thinking that he is just one step away from securing a deal, all 35 SNP MPs opposed it at an emergency sitting of parliament on Saturday 20th October.

It is widely believed that the Prime Minister wants the country to crash out with a No Deal, along with many of his hardline ‘no-deal’ Brexiteer ‘special advisors’. The Prime Minister recently tried to prorogued Parliament for five weeks until the Scottish Courts, backed up by the UK Supreme Court, deemed the closing down of Parliament ‘unlawful’. Opposition MPs say that this closure was a deliberate attempt to push through a No Deal Brexit and shut down scrutiny and debate.

Commenting, Peter Grant MP said:

“The Prime Minister’s deal is a rotten deal for Scotland, even worse than Theresa May’s. It reduces the rights of every single one of our citizens, it puts 3 million citizens at risk of being deported, and it creates even more uncertainty for our businesses.

“This is because if the “Withdrawal Agreement” passes, every trade deal the UK benefits from will cease to apply in just over a year’s time. Some of these deals will be replaced with new deals offering similar terms but they won’t all be ready place in time. Businesses who rely on trade with the EU, or on trade with other countries under EU deals, could incur significant delays and administrative costs that could threaten their survival.

“The deal places Scotland’s businesses at a direct disadvantage compared to Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland businesses will be guaranteed unrestricted access to sell their goods in Scotland but Scottish businesses could face barriers when they try to sell to Northern Ireland. The former secretary of state for Scotland said this was a resigning matter but on Saturday he, and every other Tory MP in Scotland, voted for exactly that.

“It’s no wonder that I, and most other SNP MPs, am getting regular messages from people who voted “no” to Independence in 2014 but who can’t wait foir the chance to vote “YES” next year.”

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