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Supporting Scottish businesses

I’m grateful to Fife Council and Business Gateway for letting me see round the new industrial units they’re building at Levenmouth Business Park in Buckhaven. The units are built to the highest standards of energy conservation, a vital advantage to any small business these days. Most people would be surprised at how many successful small businesses we have in the Levenmouth area and it’s good to see the Scottish Government and Fife Council working together to support them.

On Remembrance Sunday I arranged for wreaths to go to every war memorial in the constituency as well as sending a wreath of white poppies to the Glenrothes schools’ annual Peace Walk. As always I’m grateful to the many local people who represented me and laid wreaths on my behalf.

As part of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee I’m looking at the long and sorry tale of the “High Speed 2” railway. The UK Government have announced they’re scrapping the entire second phase of this project so that instead of running from London to Leeds and Manchester it will stop at Birmingham – and it may not even reach the main Euston Station in London. It might seem a long way from Fife but a huge number of businesses in Scotland rely on supply chains based in the north and midlands of England and the Government’s decision will have a big impact on them. The bit that is being built is already years behind schedule and billions over budget. Latest predictions are that by the time it’s finished it will have cost around £50 billion and the UK Government’s own analysis suggests that about £10 billion of that will have been wasted.

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