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I've been visiting voluntary organisations across the constituency as Covid-19 restrictions are easing, to thank them for the support they have shown to local communities throughout the pandemic.

In recent weeks I've met with charities Glenrothes Foodbank, Leslie Community Pantry and Collydean Community Centre; church initiatives including Glenrothes Baptist Church’s Bridge Café and Peace ‘n’ Jam at St Luke’s Episcopal Church Glenrothes; and community groups such as Thornton Community Food Support, all of which have been providing food and support to locals during the worst of the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

We have some fantastic charities, churches and volunteers who have been helping to keep folk fed during what has been an incredibly difficult time. Not only that but these groups have provided help with all sorts of issues, from finances to families and emotional support too.

I’ve been so pleased to be able to safely get out and about in the constituency now that we have moved into level 0 and beyond, and my first priority has been visiting some of these amazing services to thank staff and volunteers for all their hard work.

The pandemic has made life difficult for so many folk and the facilities provided by these groups has been invaluable. Thanks to everyone involved for the incredible contribution to our local communities.

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