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Both myself and SNP Councillor Ken Caldwell have welcomed agreement from Openreach to move an unsightly telegraph pole from the entrance to Methilmill Cemetery. The local authority and community have invested in making the entrance driveway into the cemetery a more respectful, contemplative and welcoming place in recent times and the erection of an Openreach pole has impacted on the amenity space.

When I heard from the local councillor that the entrance to the cemetery was being impacted by the pole I was happy to make contact with Openreach and ask that it be moved. Initially they refused to move the pole from the cemetery entrance, so I’m pleased they have finally seen sense and agreed to relocate the pole to a much less conspicuous area, while maintaining the broadband supply to their customers.

Ken Caldwell commented:

"Cemeteries are important places and we want them to be welcoming and look good. I've been working with our Outdoor Spaces team to improve the entrance with new flower beds and cutting back trees etc. I'm very grateful to Peter Grant for helping get the newly installed telegraph pole moved to a more suitable location at the entrance to Methilmill cemetery. It won't affect any service at the adjacent location, but it will not look so intrusive entering or leaving the cemetery."

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