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Watch out for fraudsters trying to trick people out of personal and bank details by claiming to offer a Covid-19 vaccine.

Advice Direct Scotland, the national advice organisation, have received reports of Covid-19 vaccination scam emails and texts containing links to websites that look like the official NHS site. These websites ask for personal details of the recipient, and often request bank account or payment card details.

The depths to which scammers will stoop is shocking, and sadly it seems some criminals are willing to exploit the coronavirus pandemic to trick vulnerable people out of their personal details. I have even heard reports of people elsewhere in the country being visited in their homes by fraudsters pretending to administer vaccinations, who then ask them for payment.

Scams these days can be quite sophisticated, using NHS branding and appearing quite convincing. I want to remind everyone that the vaccine is free and the NHS will never ask for payment or bank details. When it's nearly your turn to get the jag you'll receive a letter giving details of how to arrange an appointment. And of course the advice always applies that you shouldn't let anyone into your home without asking them for identification.

Any scams along these lines can be reported to Advice Direct Scotland at or by calling 0808 164 6000.

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