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Peter Grant MP for Glenrothes and Central Fife is asking his constituents to minimise the risk of electrical fire in their homes.

At a recent meeting with the charity Electrical Safety First, Peter discovered that there were 174 accidental house fires caused by electricity in Fife homes last year. These fires resulted in 15 casualties.

He is now seeking to raise awareness of the dangers presented by electrical goods in homes and the steps that can be taken to avoid the risk of fire.

Commenting, Peter said:

“We all use dozens of electrical items every day. Properly used they should be perfectly safe but if they are incorrectly used the results can be fatal. For example, leaving a mobile phone charger unattended, especially a cheap counterfeit charger that doesn’t meet approved safety standards, can lead to a fire that breaks out when everyone in the house is asleep.

“Also, as we approach the colder weather, many people may be bringing out portable radiators to heat their homes, but with these items responsible for 4% of accidental house fires, it’s important that they are used safely.

“Simple measures can vastly reduce these risks. There are lots of helpful tips on the Electrical Safety First website. I would encourage all my constituents to log on and see what they can do to minimise the risk of electrical fire in their homes. I would also encourage everyone who uses an electric blanket to take advantage of the free safety test that Fifers are offered every year.”

Wayne Mackay, Deputy Public Affairs Manager at Electrical Safety First explains:

“Electrical Safety is such an essential part of everyday life that we forget how dangerous it can be but it causes three quarters of fires in Scottish homes – most of them arising from electrical products. And with winter coming on, there are particular dangers for older people - someone over 60 is ten times more likely to die in a fire than somebody aged 17 to 24.

“We offer a range of tools and guidelines to help people stay safe in their home, including a new website which allows you to ensure your white goods (fridge freezers, washing machines etc) are safe. For more information visit or find general information and guides at our website at ”

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