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Innovative industry in Levenmouth

I had a truly inspirational visit to Levenmouth Academy to see the work their pupils are doing in the STEM Hub (Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths for those of us of a certain vintage). It was fantastic to see young people from S1 all the way to S6 getting so much fun out of learning skills that will stay with them the rest of their lives. A big thank you to Ore Catapult who have provided so much financial and other support - as well as the photos!

I’m still pressing the UK government for answers on what’s happening to their support for using green hydrogen instead of natural gas for domestic heating. This is a big issue for this constituency as the H100 project in Methil is currently installing the world’s biggest ever hydrogen heating network in what the UK government have described as a “hydrogen neighbourhood”. The next step would have been to approve increasingly big projects known as “hydrogen villages” and “hydrogen towns”. The two hydrogen village projects in England have been abandoned, one of them because they decided to put in in a place where they didn’t have enough hydrogen! The hydrogen town project has already been delayed by at least a year. The UK government’s obsession with building new gas and nuclear power stations is threatening to undermine Levenmouth’s place as a world leader in the hydrogen technology that will be necessary to tackle climate change.

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