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Local MP Peter Grant is thanking all local business who have adapted and put resources in to help in the fight against COVID-19. Mr Grant has said that the Glenrothes and Central Fife constituency is leading the way when it comes to businesses helping in the national efforts during the pandemic.

In the April edition of Fife Business Matters, four of the business mentioned were Glenrothes based and were directly linked to helping in the COVID-19 efforts by either increasing production or adapting to produce essential products needed by the NHS – such as ventilators. 

Commenting, Mr Grant said:

“I always knew that this constituency had the power of people behind it, and that with the technological expertise and capabilities that are based here, we could do the extraordinary to help in national efforts when the constituency and country needed it. 

“In the latest April edition of Fife Business Matters, a number of Glenrothes based businesses were mentioned and I’d like to thank them for everything that they are doing right now. But I know that they aren’t the only ones who are based here and adapting and using their resources to help fight against coronavirus. 

“Whether your business is now making ventilators, you’ve started producing PPE, you’re producing necessary components for essential machinery in our NHS, or you’re helping our young people continue learning by providing them with laptops – thank you!”

You find the April edition of Fife Business Matters here.

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