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No Deportations From Fife

Updated: May 10

Recently we've seen shocking footage of asylum seekers being arrested and detained without trial ready to be deported to Rwanda. Make no mistake about it, these arrests are nothing to do with immigration control and everything to do with the Tories playing to the most extreme right wing elements in our society.

Scotland wants no part in these evil deportations. I fully support the No Evictions Network and others who will organised non violent direct action to protect our neighbours from being deported.

My good friend a colleague Alison Thewliss MP has passed on some helpful advice if you or anyone you know may be at risk of deportation.

If you have received any letters from the Home Office which mention ‘Rwanda’ please contact your lawyer immediately.

If you are asked to attend an immigration appointment you need to make sure someone will come to your help if you are detained when you get there. Make sure a friend or relative knows where and when you are going. Give them your lawyer's phone details and ask them to phone them if they do not hear from you after 2 hours. If you don't have someone to do this, the No Evictions Network (details below) can provide someone.

If there is an emergency or you have been detained please also contact No Evictions Emergency Hotline (07438318003) or email .

Useful Links

If you do not have a lawyer and believe you may be at risk here's a link to the Law Society of Scotland showing immigration lawyers in the KY postcode areas.

Here's a link with simple advice on your legal rights if immigration officers try to detain you, or if you want to help someone who is being detained.

And Finally

If the Home Office decide to target you they will try to make you feel like a criminal and will try to make you think you are all alone. You are not alone and if you are waiting for the result of an asylum application you are not a criminal.

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