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I’ve been contacted by numerous constituents regarding the latest damning revelations about ‘lockdown parties’ in Downing Street. I’ve heard heartbreaking accounts of constituents and colleagues who lost loved ones during the pandemic but weren’t able to be with them in their final moments, or who were unable to gather with friends and family at funerals or to support each other as they mourned.

I understand and share their anger. We weren't even allowed to meet for a coffee after my father-in-law's funeral and now we discover that the Prime Minister was hosting a boozy party in his garden the day after my father-in-law died.

So many of us have made personal sacrifices in order to stop the spread of coronavirus, to save lives and protect the NHS. It’s now clear that while we were doing everything we could to protect others, the Prime Minister and his cabinet were happy to break their own rules. To make matters worse they have repeatedly lied about the fact that these were social events rather than work meetings, they've tried to cover up the fact that any of these events even happened, and the prime minister claimed he knew nothing about them when in fact he had attended several of them.

This was at the same time he was warning everybody else they could face a £10,000 fine if they broke the rules.

Boris Johnson's conduct has simply confirmed what we all knew even before he became Prime Minister - he's not a fit person to hold a position of public leadership. He must resign, and if he refuses to do so his fellow Tory MPs must remove him as their leader. In addition the Metropolitan Police should be fully investigating all the alleged illegal gatherings at Number 10. Thousands of Londoners were fined for breaking the rules and it's supposed to be a cornerstone of British justice that we are all equal in the eyes of the law.

Finally, we should all remember that Boris Johnson is exactly the same person today as he was when the Tories made him Prime Minister. They knew exactly what kind of person he is, and if he has to go then so do the people who put him in charge.

I am replying individually to everyone who has contacted me about this. If constituents would like me to raise their lockdown sacrifices in the House of Commons to contrast with the Prime Minister's behaviour, please contact me.

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