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SNP MP Peter Grant will bring forward a Bill to protect all four National Health Services from privatisation or increased drug fees as a result of any future UK trade deals.

The MP for Glenrothes will bring the Trade Agreements (Exclusion of National Health Services) Bill to the House of Commons tomorrow with the aim of preventing any future UK Governments from using our vital NHS as a bargaining chip in any future trade deals – ensuring it remains publicly owned, publicly operated, and its services publicly commissioned.

The SNP’s bill will also enshrine in law that the explicit consent of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Parliaments and Assemblies would be required on any trade deals.

Commenting, Peter Grant MP said:

“Our NHS has been there to care for and protect us for the last 70 years – now it’s our turn to stand up and protect the NHS from any future trade deals that would see it privatised and push up drug prices.

“That is why I am bringing forward this NHS Protection Bill – to ensure our NHS will never be for sale at any price and to give all devolved administrations a say on any future UK trade deals.

“The SNP will not stand idly by while there is a risk that the Tories will trade away our precious health service that has proved vital for so many.

“My Bill already has support from MPs in a number of parties and I’m hopeful it will have support from all parties by the end of the day.”

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